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Ditch the Drama of Roller Shelves, Now Introducing Ice-Glide
March 12, 2024

Display Technologies, a pioneer in innovative point-of-purchase solutions, has unveiled its latest marvel in the cold vault beverage merchandising space: Ice-Glide. Engineered with a meticulous focus on simplicity and efficiency, Ice-Glide redefines the standards for installation ease, cleanability, and planogram flexibility. 

One of the standout features of Ice-Glide is its seamless installation process. With zero moving parts and no screws or fasteners required, a single person can install it swiftly. The customizable lane widths and snap-in-place divider walls ensure a worry-free setup every time, eliminating the hassle of traditional installations. This saves time, 43% faster than roller shelves, and reduces the need for specialized tools or expertise. 

Moreover, maintaining cold-vault hygiene standards is a breeze with Ice-Glide. Its streamlined design and accessible surfaces make cleaning and sanitizing hassle-free. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the merchandiser but also ensures that the products remain fresh and appealing to customers at all times.  

Ice-Glide also excels in adaptability, thanks to its ease of changing divider walls. The snap-in-place divider walls enable quick adjustments to accommodate different product sizes or promotional layouts without disruptions. Retailers are now empowered to optimize their display strategies efficiently and respond promptly to market demands. 

Made in the USA 

Beyond its operational efficiency, Ice-Glide embodies a commitment to sustainability. Manufactured in the USA, it is designed to reduce environmental impact. By minimizing the carbon footprint associated with transportation, Display Technologies ensures that Ice-Glide reaches its destination efficiently while supporting local economies. 

Furthermore, Ice-Glide’s materials are recyclable, aligning with Display Technologies’ dedication to environmental responsibility. By prioritizing sustainability throughout the production and distribution processes, Ice-Glide sets a benchmark for eco-conscious solutions in the refrigeration industry. 

The beverage merchandiser you’ve been searching for has finally arrived, eliminating your current system’s time-consuming pain points. Display Technologies’ Ice-Glide Cold Vault Beverage Merchandiser is a testament to innovation and practicality. Its seamless installation, effortless cleanability, and flexible planogram capabilities redefine convenience for retailers while embodying a commitment to sustainability and efficiency. 

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