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Loyalty Programs in C-Stores
July 3, 2024

Over the years C-stores have been introducing loyalty programs to engage customers and gain their trust. First, it started with a punch card where you could get a drink free after a certain number of purchases. Now, C-stores have leveled up their game to create advanced apps with tempting rewards and offers. But a problem has emerged in the market: how do we get customers to keep and frequently use our app?

Keeping customers engaged

The main way C-stores get consumers to keep using their app is by creating engaging content and offers. Some ways they implement this are:

Personalization. Consumers want to be using an app that is tailored to their own interests and is easy to use. Some C-stores track customer buying habits and make recommendations based on an individual’s preferences, making app navigation efficient and fast.

Rewards. Benefits for customers after spending a certain amount of money will drive customers to keep spending at your store, but also spur a sense of exclusivity. Making rewards easy to access and having a fast path to earning a reward is an important part of customers feeling satisfied with their experience.

Exclusive offers. Certain personalized offers or early access to products available exclusively just to app users can convince customers to keep the app and purchase more. Consumers will keep coming back to see new deals they can apply or products that they would not know about unless they had the app.

Our solutions offer a way to easily manage your store, making loyalty programs more efficient. The clean, clear organization offered through our shelf organization systems makes collecting data for loyalty programs as easy as possible. We are here to help you stay on track with your data.