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Improving Convenience: Delivery and Order Ahead Systems in C-Stores
June 14, 2024

One of the main factors customers consider when wondering where to shop is convenience. Different C-Stores around the world are gaining a competitive advantage against their competitors by incorporating delivery and order ahead systems into their business. By adding these improvements, C-stores allow for flexibility never seen before.

What are some benefits of adding delivery and order ahead systems to C-stores?

  • Improved convenience
  • Newfound customers
  • Increased sales
  • Accessibility

Convenience Like No Other

Customers are more likely to purchase from a C-store that has delivery and order ahead options than one without. A consumer might not want to leave their office or the familiarity of their home to purchase an item they desire. Without the implementation of these systems, C-stores would lose these extra customers and therefore profit. Implementing these options drives profit and consumer growth.

Getting Started

How hard is it to implement a new, complicated delivery system in a store? Not as hard as you would think. Delivery technology and platforms have already been developed over time, experimentally starting with restaurants, and becoming a huge success. Now, it’s easy to partner with a delivery platform who makes the whole process painless. Delivery and order ahead have now expanded to embrace a diverse range of businesses globally.

How Display Technologies Expedites the Process

Using Display Technologies’ solutions, consumers can have an even faster shopping experience at C-stores. When employing delivery or order ahead systems, your shopper can grab items off neatly organized shelves that glide forward using Visi-Slide. Our solutions also make locating and acquiring products uncomplicated due to the straight-forward organization, cutting down wasted time.

Overall, the next time you enter a C-store, know that our solutions are optimal to improving the tedious time delays customers dislike while shopping.