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Showcase Brand Identity with Custom Solutions
June 6, 2023
Custom Solutions with two racks and a knee knocker

When it comes to retail merchandising for your beverage product brands, you are looking for solutions that are flexible and fit your brands’ personality.That isn’t always possible with standard off-the-shelf products. Don’t settle for less. The goal is to have your brand’s merchandising speak to your customers and let them know you understand what they value.  


Very often, our wide product line of Display Technologies standard solutions offers just the answer you need for the majority of challenges. For the times you have a special installation, custom specification, or application, we can address those projects with our custom solutions capabilities.  


Unleash your brand’s creative potential with our line of products that provide the perfect starting point for your vision. Modular products like our Display Technologies Stack Rack come in many configurations to optimize store space. Multiple choices ensure a bespoke-like fit in every footprint. 


Looking for adjustability and mobility? Try our Display Technologies FlexDisplay, a wire floor display that allows layout changes throughout your store. This display comes in multiple sizes: skinny, mid-size, and large. The completely adjustable shelves accommodate different product package sizes and optimize store space. 


And all our product configurations still allow for changeable graphics for pricing and promotion. That graphic flexibility appeals directly to customer desires to boost engagement, loyalty, and sales. 

And having the power to focus on overall brand graphic consistency is key when building a strong brand identity.  


Enhance your current fixtures with additional space for products or enhanced promotion for limited time offers or special bundles. For instance, the Display Technologies Cooler Rack attaches to existing coolers creating incremental real estate for more facings and graphics. 


Using a wide selection of premium materials we are able to match your aesthetic and brand personality. Our designs take advantage of the possibilities that are offered by metal wire, wood, and injection molded plastic. Whether used separately or in a combination that works for you, we don’t cut corners on the quality of our raw materials. 


Control the shelf with Display Technologies’ custom-tailored solutions for your beverage retail merchandising needs. Our industry-leading point-of-purchase innovations will increase the accessibility of your brand while meeting unique challenges, and elevating brand identity.