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Push Product and Profits with Visi-Fast
May 11, 2023
Close up of a woman's hand getting a drink can from a Visi-Fast shelf

Is your staff constantly restocking shelves? Are you having trouble keeping up with customer demand? Do you find your displays cluttered and disorganized?


This can make it difficult for shoppers to find the brand or item they’re looking for. It’s time to upgrade to the Display Technologies Visi-Fast® , the revolutionary shelving system made in the USA and designed to enhance your customers’ retail experience.


The Visi-Fast features spring-loaded beverage pusher glides. By driving merchandise forward as products are shopped, your store shelves always appear stocked and customer’s favorite brands and flavors are easily accessible. The integrated track system keeps the pusher and spring system locked within a channel for long-lasting performance that benefits shoppers and your sales.


The robust design features a strong, durable translucent front ring and refined high wall that keeps products upright and organized. Further, it ensures optimal brand visibility to your customers and enhances the shopper’s experience. With Visi-Fast, you can promote high-demand products and new LTOs to shoppers with clear, unobstructed visibility.

It’s perfect for enhancing brand exposure, driving impulse purchases, and increasing sales.


One of the key features of Visi-Fast is its scooped front lens. This unique design element enhances the accessibility of products so they can be pulled directly forward when stocking and shopping. Benefits include minimizing the required height clearance of surrounding shelves and maximizing vertical shelf and product real estate. In other words: you can display more products on your shelves, increasing your product offerings and boosting sales.


Visi-Fast is also customizable, with breakaway depths that can be adjusted to fit various product sizes. Highly adjustable with easy breakaway sections allows store owners and installers to modify various depths and widths to fit product and packaging needs. This modular system also includes various glide sizes and can be further customized to accommodate different product sizes like 12oz slim, 12-16oz, 20oz-25oz, and 32oz-1 liter.

Achieving and maintaining planogram consistency and compliance is simple with the endlessly customizable capabilities of Visi-Fast.


The benefits of the Visi-Fast spring-loaded pusher glides extend beyond enhanced visibility and organization because it’s also environmentally conscious. Manufactured from recycled and reprocessed polypropylene, the Visi-Fast supports environmentally sustainable initiatives by diverting used plastic from landfills and helping to reduce your store’s carbon footprint.


Installing Visi-Fast is easy and requires no tools. Its standard 22” product depth means you can install it straight out of the box directly to the shelf. This saves time and labor and helps you avoid more wasteful modifications.


Upgrade your flat and gondola shelves, glass door merchandisers, or open-air coolers, with Visi-Fast to experience the ultimate in product organization and accessibility. With its revolutionary design and customizable features, this retail and merchandise glide set can enhance brand exposure, optimize shelf capacity, improve the shopper experience, and boost sales.


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